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Confined Spaces Inspection with SAPR

The use of Drones for the visual analysis of structures within confined spaces without the entry of operators.

Detailed and Digital Information for Industry 4.0


Being able to perform remote visual inspections of confined spaces prevents workers from entering dangerous places or facing health risk situations. Our RPAS can be piloted in BVLOS conditions from a safe place and reach any point of interest located inside cisterns, tanks, chimneys, etc.
Its small size allows it to enter the smallest manhole, thus potentially inspecting any confined space. The carbon fiber structure of the drone shell allows it to resist collisions, making it easier to collect information on the examined asset.


Unique Features

Simultaneous recording of Full HD and thermal images with adjustable pan / tilt function.

Powerful LEDs for navigation and inspection in dark places.

Carbon structure, resistant to collisions up to 15 km / h. Modular design for easy maintenance.


Given its characteristics, this drone is ideal for remote inspections of any confined space.

The advantages for the process industry in implementing this technology are immediately visible in terms of safety and cost savings.

By minimizing human presence in a potentially dangerous environment and at the same time maintaining high quality observations, it makes it an extremely cost-effective technology to adopt.

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