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From Automation to Robotix

Alpha Robotix is part of ALPHA Process Control , which collects over 120 years of combined experience in the process industry, providing Robotix with the skills to excel in the 4.0 world

Alpha Robotix provides customized services to the industrial, civil and commercial sectors through the use of remotely piloted vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, in order to provide its customers with optimal data analysis.

Alpha Robotix aims to become one of the leading providers of remotely piloted solutions by employing the best professional drones and crews, to transform operational excellence.




The company mainly operates in the control of welds in the Oil & Gas sector on pressure vessels, high-rated valves, heavy carpentry and forgings.


The fields of use range from manufacturing workshops to end users with inspections and tests in the plant.


SGS CTR personnel is certified (II and III level) according to ISO 9712, SNT TC 1A and ANSF 2/2012 standards; performs mechanical tests thanks to its UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 accredited laboratory specialized in the execution of destructive tests on metallic materials.

SGS CTR is the partner chosen by Alpha Robotix for the visual analysis of inspections via SAPR: through the expert eyes of SGS CTR inspectors and the quality of the information collected by the drones, no detail will be unnoticed.  

The Laboratory of Scientific and Topographic Applications for Operational Surveying (ASTRO) is closely linked to the activities of the Geomantics section of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering of the University of Pisa.

The laboratory carries out topographic surveys and supports Alpha Robotix in the processing of photogrammetric 2D and 3D models and topographic surveys through the use of SAPR.


Flyability is a Swiss company that builds safe indoor drones, in complex and confined spaces, in contact with people.


Flyability aims to become a leader in this segment of flying robotics and be at the forefront of innovation to continuously provide value and safety to its customers.


By allowing drones to be used safely within cities, inside buildings and in contact with people, it enables new interactions and services with RPAS and solves the two most critical problems of one of the fastest growing sectors: risks of collisions and injuries.


Drone technology has progressed tremendously in recent years and today drones help significantly in surveying, disaster relief, delivery, and a myriad of business and consumer applications. In the wrong hands, however, a drone's accessibility, capabilities, and ease of flight make it particularly suitable for hacking, surveillance, and terrorism.

Dedrone protects organizations from malicious drones by protecting the airspace using advanced hardware and software technologies.



ISO 9001: 2015

The ISO 9001 standard defines the minimum requirements that the Quality Management System of an organization must demonstrate to satisfy in order to guarantee the level of product and service quality that it claims to possess with itself and with the market. Today it is the best known international standard, applicable to any organization, public or private, regardless of size, type and economic sector to which it belongs.

Alpha Robotix obtained the first ISO 9001: 2015 certification in 2017 for the design and provision of monitoring services with remotely piloted vehicles .

SGS_ISO 9001_TCL_HR.jpg

ISO 45001: 2018

The UNI ISO 45001 standard of 2018 is the first international standard to define the minimum standards of good practice for the protection of workers worldwide. It establishes a framework for improving safety, reducing risks in the workplace and improving the health and well-being of workers, thus allowing any organization that chooses to certify the management system under accreditation to increase health and safety performance.

Alpha Robotix achieved Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification in 2020

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