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SAPR applications

Our experience at the service of your needs, to ensure success in the digitization of inspections

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not. "

A. Einstein

The drones are the ideal tool in digitization of information processes, especially in the area of monitoring and measuring on vertical structures and / or difficult to reach.

Alpha Robotix offers its experience in using these systems for industry, commerce and agriculture.


We are able to offer a wide range of services through the use of drones.

Below are some examples of activities we carry out


Visual analysis of the state of vertical structures, process plants and civil engineering works, both in the maintenance phase and in operation.


Our multi-spectral sensors capture five different light spectra which are then processed to provide Alpha Robotix customers with a comprehensive analysis of the vegetative state of plants and grass.


Thermographic analysis is a fundamental part in the inspection of photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the geolocation of the images it is possible to identify malfunctions on individual cells.

Thanks to specific technologies employed, Alpha Robotix is able to inspect confined spaces without the entry of operators inside them, reducing the risk associated with the inspection of these environments.


SAPR technology allows to carry out surveys from above with simplicity and speed, reducing costs and maintaining a high quality standard in topographic modeling.


Alpha Robotix's SAPR fleet is equipped with the best available technology in image stabilization and optics. We are able to accommodate all budgets: from corporate videos to advertising campaigns.

Servizi SAPR
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