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Protect Your Airspace from Unauthorized Drones


Protect your Airspace

Alpha Robotix's Anti Drone platform provides a complete solution for airspace monitoring and management through a convenient browser interface. DroneTracker allows users to easily configure multiple sensors, active and passive countermeasures, and 24-hour automatic alerts. The software continuously displays real-time airspace information and detects and identifies drones using Dedrone's advanced capabilities, DroneDNA, for pattern analysis and recognition. Defensive measures against hostile drones can be activated automatically, with security service providers notified as appropriate.

Vieni a Trovarc

Automated and Scalable

Our aerial intrusion detection platform provides a warning of a drone's malicious activity through one or more sensors. The RF sensor is the foundation of the drone detection solution. Video sensors can be added to increase detection power and provide real-time views.
DroneTracker notifies you with an alarm as soon as it detects the approach of a drone. Just decide which channels you want to be notified on: SMS, user interface, email, network (TCP / IP). By combining different sensors, large sites within urban areas can be monitored effectively.

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