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Photogrammetric surveys

2D and 3D Digital Models for the Planning and Control of buildings and of the territory


Alpha Robotix is authorized by ENAC (National Aviation Authority) to operate industrial scenarios with RPAS with mass less than 25kg. Thanks to its fleet consisting of multi-rotor and fixed wing SAPR, it is in fact able to inspect assets in a portion of the time and cost compared to traditional methods.
Our authorized pilots will patrol and fly within the area of interest in total safety. Our RPAS are insured against damage to people and property. We will carry out the monitoring in full safety and reliability.

rilievo 1.jpeg

Integrated Photogrammetric Surveys

Alpha Robotix, thanks to its fleet and the flight capacity of its pilots, is able to inspect the structure closely, a few hundred centimeters from the point of interest itself.
Inspection of vertical structures without the need to shut down the plant or install expensive scaffolding.
Alpha Robotix technology allows for visual feedback everywhere during the operation thanks to the possibility of HD live streaming via the internet.

Digital Twin

In the 4.0 digitization process, the possibility of having an identical digital copy of our asset allows the management and planning of maintenance interventions and the transmission of information more effectively than traditional methods.

Alpha Robotix, thanks to the technologies used, is able to create digital twins of most industrial assets.
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