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Inspection of photovoltaic systems

The use of the   Thermography allows you to analyze the operating status of the photovoltaic modules.

The information obtained is digital and georeferenced

Thermographic Inspections

With the thermal imaging cameras that can be integrated into the Alpha Robotix drone fleet, you will have a top-down report of the operation of your plant. The use of RPAS for monitoring and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, operated by our ENAC certified pilots, allows information to be obtained in a very short time and in total safety.


Digital Modeling

Thanks to optical sensors and cutting-edge software, Alpha Robotix is able to digitally replicate the plant through the creation of 2D and 3D models, with centimeter precision, reaching the detail of each cell. With the geolocation of the photographic data it is possible to identify the positioning of the non-functioning module exclusively from its GPS coordinates, guaranteeing greater efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance interventions.


Artificial intelligence

Thanks to the development of algorithms and the implementation of artificial intelligence modules, it is possible to automate the analysis of plant malfunctions.

Maintenance interventions will therefore be more effective and replicable under the same conditions on different systems.

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