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Multispectral analysis via Drone

The use of Drones for the analysis of the vegetative state of crops and sports green.

Detailed Information for Precision Agriculture

Multispectral analysis

Thanks to specific sensors for the analysis of the light waves emitted by plants, it is possible to identify various problems within the crop or vegetation.

Software and algorithms automate the recognition of the less productive areas, allowing a prompt intervention by the farmer to allow the maximization of the harvest or the use of precision farming techniques


Precision Agriculture

The digital revolution also affects the agricultural sector with new crop control and management techniques.

Alpha Robotix allows you to use its SAPRs to inspect soils and analyze, through ad hoc sensors, the state of health of the vegetation with centimeter accuracy.

The analyzes can then be processed and managed through the geolocation of the information obtained.

Golf & Sport on Prato

The turf health analysis tools give the green keeper the best information to efficiently manage tees, fairways and greens. The same can be applied to all turf, sports or otherwise.

Save on maintenance costs by limiting the use of pesticides and chemical nutrients thanks to multispectral remote sensing via SAPR.


Vegetative State Indices

Maximize the amount of harvest per square meter thanks to the indications of the Vegetative State Indices.

Alpha Robotix can consult with the technical staff of the farm and suggest an effective strategy in light of the data collected and analyzed via SAPR.

Minimization of the use of fungicides and pesticides to limit the environmental impact.

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