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Video Productions

Aerial Shooting for Advertising Campaigns, Events and Territorial Promotion.

Change your point of view and amaze your customers!


Alpha Robotix is authorized by ENAC (National Aviation Authority) to operate in any environment: rural, industrial and urban.
Our RPAS fleet is equipped with the latest technologies in image and optical stabilization.
Alpha Robotix has collaborated with many public companies in its territory: promoting cultural heritage with drones amplifies the viewer's experience. Aerial shots don drone in total safety and reliability.


Unprecedented visuals

Enhance the viewer's visual experience by raising their point of view. We create stunning footage for every event: from corporate videos to advertising campaigns. Alpha Robotix is able to offer various solutions to accommodate all budgets: from a cinematic quality to a simple commercial video. Alpha Robotix pilots are allowed to fly machines with take-off masses up to 25kg. Our fleet is insured against damage to property and people.

Professional Productions

The solutions proposed by Alpha Robotix include both the pre-production and the post phase.

During pre-production Alpha Robotix continuously interacts with the client to understand their needs and plan the best shots.

In the post-production phase, the best professional tools are used so that our experts can process the images perfectly.

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