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Drone as a Product

Alpha Robotix provides all the tools needed to implement SAPR operations directly

Your SAPR Operations

Alpha Robotix will assist you in addressing and solving all issues related to the implementation of UAV operations within your business.

Our experts will consult with your team to assess the organization's needs in terms of safety and security, providing advice on the enforcement of aviation regulations and risk management standards.
Alpha Robotix professionals will provide you with the optimal SAPR solution to meet any inspection and investigation need. Sensors, machines and crew training.

Your requirements, your machines.

Classe tecnologica

Crew training

Alpha Robotix provides fully customized training programs to train UAV crews. We have created specific programs not designed to teach you how to fly a drone safely, but built to provide you with all the tools you need to efficiently collect relevant data as you fly your drone.
Our training facilities are designed to replicate the operating environments of industrial assets: vertical structures, confined environments and all those equipment found in most industrial environments.

We don't just teach you how to drive, but how to effectively manage an industrial tool.

Vieni a Trovarc

SAPR Management and Maintenance

Alpha Robotix provides customized maintenance programs that allow your UAV fleet to always be operational.

Our engineers will assist you in managing your fleet to help you keep records of flights, equipment consumption and data management.

Our fleet management programs will ensure your organization is always flying with the most advanced and safest machines and sensors.

Alpha Robotix will be a partner for you and your operations.

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